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Long-term rental listings for the Kailua-Kona area appear to be fairly scattered. Our local newspaper, West Hawaii Today has the most properties listed, but they usually don’t have any hyperlinks to photos.

Craigslist has a lot of listings, too, with postings by a mix of individual owners and property managers.

Most places do not take pets and if they do they will charge a premium for pets.

From what I can see, 2017 will continue the trend of low, long term rental inventory, in the Kona area. If you cannot find anything that will meet your immediate needs, I do have a suggestion about using Short Term Rentals to bridge the gap! For more information read my page: Using Short Term Rentals

For reference, Long Term Rentals are 180 day+ contracts. Anything less is considered a short term rental and subject to the Transient Accommodations Tax (TET) (As of 2014 its at 9.25%) in addition to our standard General Excise Tax (GET) of 4%. Long Term rentals only require the owner to collect the GET Tax.

If you are interested in purchasing a property make sure to take a look at: Big Island Real Estate  


I will post the occasional link from various property managers who would like me to share a property they have for rent:

General places to look

West Hawaii Today

Property managers:

Aloha Kona Rentals
Boundless Hawaii
CJ Kimberly Realtors
Elite Property Management
Hawaiian Isle Rentals
Kona Coast Property Management LLC
Kona Rentals
Kona Home Finders
Lehua Properties
Mary M Love Realtors
Pacific Breeze Properties
West Hawaii Property Services

Average Monthly Rent Costs (2016)

From me just looking at various Property Managment Sites, I have come up with some general numbers. As always, location, views, amenities will impact the rental price.

These prices are based around the Kona area. If you go South, towards Ocean View, rents will generally be less. If you go North into Waikoloa Village or Waimea, you may also find some better pricing. The further away you are from Kona, rental prices tend to be less.

1 bedroom condo / Ohana or Studio
$ 850+

2 bedroom condo
$1300 +

2 bedroom single family home

3 bedroom single family home

Scams Information

Before renting any housing online, please familiarize yourself with the common scams to help protect yourself.

Rental Scam Info from Hawaii and BBB

Here is a good document to read before you book a rental to help protect yourself.
Protecting Yourself when Renting

And here are some good points about avoiding scams from craigslist:
Avoiding Scams

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